Insta Glow Cream

Insta Glow Cream
Curista’s Insta Glow Fairness Cream - For instant sparkling skin

This cream has an exceptional skin helping plan which helps in lessening imperfections and dull spots. It lessens the under-eye dark circles and tanning of skin. The novel Insta gleam operators display in this cream expands the blood course of skin which gives enduring reasonableness, smooth tone and energetic shining skin.

Key ingredients:

Mulberry extract: Mulberries are rich in cell reinforcements and can kill free radicals that can make harm skin, for example, scarcely discernible differences and wrinkles. It additionally expels toxins and battles imperfections and other skin abnormalities, abandoning it unadulterated, spotless and brilliant.

Green tea extract: Antioxidants properties and additionally compounds show in Green tea, enhance your skin appearance and postpones the indications of skin maturing, for example, drooping skin, sun harm, age spots, barely recognizable differences and wrinkles.

Olive oil: Being a phenomenal skin moisturizer, it empowers cell repair for firmer and smoother skin. It shields the skin from different outside elements like the cruel sun-beams or the hot breeze.

Directions for use:

Clean the face and neck completely. Apply Insta Glow Cream everywhere throughout the face and neck utilizing an upward roundabout movement, twice per day. 

Perfect for all skin sorts.

Presentation: 50 gm

Price: Rs. 150.00