Shea Butter Face Massage Cream

Shea Butter Face Massage Cream
Shea Butter Face Massage Cream - For Wrinkle free skin

This cream produces anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory properties which help to keep skin harm from UV radiation and furthermore gives a brilliant appearance to your skin. It decreases the almost negligible differences, wrinkles, scars, and extend stamps and to facilitate an assortment of skin issues. It has a saturating and smoothing impact and can be utilized on the dry and broke skin. 

Key Ingredients: 
Shea Butter: Due to its emollient and humectant properties, Shea butter reduces skin inflammation and prevents dryness and cracking of skin and helps to moisturize the dry skin. It has vitamins A & E and numerous anti-oxidant properties, which help to reduce the fine lines & wrinkles of the face and restore the elasticity of the skin
Soy Protein Extract: Soybean acts a lotion and disposes of dry, flaky skin. It additionally diminishes the obvious indications of maturing like skin staining, wrinkles, dull spots, scarcely discernible differences and so forth and keeps up skin versatility. 
Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is full of beta-carotene and vitamin C & E which makes it nourishing and anti-aging agent.  It re-hydrates & moisturizes the skin and makes it soft and delicate
Sunflower Oil: It contains Vitamin E, which enhances your skin by avoiding scarring and smoothing of existing wrinkles.It likewise recovers the skin cells and gives shining skin. 
Honey: Honey has a clearing up activity which opens up skin pores making them simple to unclog. 
Olive oil: Being a phenomenal skin moisturizer, Olive oil animates cell repair and gives firmer and smoother skin. 

Directions for use:
Subsequent to purging, apply a little amount of Curista's Shea spread face rub Cream everywhere throughout the face liberally and uniformly utilizing a roundabout movement and tenderly rubbing the cream.

50 gm

Price: Rs. 150.00